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A mural is large scale painting executed directly on a wall. This is when I can really get my hands dirty and express color in it’s loudest form! Below you will find the various mural services that I can provide for your company or organization. I do not offer mural services in private, individual, residential homes. I am more than happy to create a mural for a multi-unit condominium or commercial building. Depending on your budget, there is an option for most projects. I would love to hear about your idea that brought you to this page! Let me hear the details by completing the form below.


Full Interior Wall

With an interior wall, I can paint year round; the weather can’t hold me back! This is a floor to ceiling design where every each of the wall is covered with a colorful concept. Check out my mural portfolio to see some of my past works.

The weather can’t hold me back!

Black muse.jpg

Full Exterior Wall

This option is reserved for the months of May through October considering the weather restraints. If you’re in a city that is sunny all year round, we can discuss options for more time windows. A full-exterior, wall mural is a major eye-catcher from the street and makes for an awesome Instagram photo to help grow your social media impact.

Makes for an awesome Instagram photo to help grow your social media impact


Paint Decal-Style

You’ve heard of a sticker decal, right? It doesn’t cover the whole surface, just enough to convey the message. From your logo design to a mermaid with her hair spilling over the entrance door, the paint decal provides a lot of options and is the most affordable. (Interior: year-round; Exterior: May through October). (P.S. I don’t design logos, I just paint the one you already have ;))

Provides a lot of options and are the most affordable

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