Liberation Healing Arts Survey

I'm sooooo happy you're HERE! I'm not a huge fan of surveys either, but I truly want to hear from you. I made it really simple where you only have to check these lil' boxes :) The option is still available at the bottom if you are that person who likes to say it with words! 

Everything on this survey is completely optional! So just have fun with'll be worth it ;) 

Your name is NOT required. You can remain anonymous, if you the like.
Would you like to attend an event where you can paint with me
Are you interested in health & wellness?
When would be the best time for you to attend an event?
check all that apply
What sounds most interesting to you?
check all that apply
What area of wellness interests you the most?
If you answered "Yes" to Question 2, check all that apply
What area of art interests you most?
Here's your place to write anything else you would like to share. I really want to hear from you :)