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I have so much art that I am bursting at the seams! The studio transition has challenged my hoarder tendencies and inspired me to share some of these hidden gems with YOU. 

These originals, prints, merchandise holds a special place in my heart because they were created during the infancy of my artistic journey. Visiting the Seattle Art Fair in August 2017, I saw some of Picasso’s old works that were produced in the early parts of his career and very few people have witnessed. 

The gallery owners representing Pablo’s collection considered these pieces priceless therefore they were not for sale. Then I thought to myself: “Why not make this opportunity available to my supportive community?” You get to own a priceless A.O. original, print, or limited-edition merchandise and support  a local artist; I get to clear my space for new creative ideas while receiving donations to fuel my artistic career- reciprocity. 


Donate any amount that resonates with your soul (anything from $5 or even $500) and you will be entered into the raffle to win one of these works of art. I understand that everyone is in a different financial evolution in their lives. I still believe this shouldn’t stop your access from receiving unique original artwork. So, no matter what the value, all donors are placed in the raffle equally. Don’t see anything that speaks to you? You are more than welcome to still donate to my practice. You can use the Paypal Link below and present your donation using credit, debit, or your Paypal balance. 


Starting August 2017, every month I will offer 3 unique pieces of art from my creative vault! :) Visit this page at 1st of every month to see what’s new. Winners will be announced on the 1st as well: for example for August's raffle, winners will be announced September 1st via email and Instagram. (Are you following me on the gram, yet?)  


August Art Give-a-ways (with donation) 

Thank You!

Words can not express how much your support means to me! Every comment, compliment, hug, purchase, donation, good vibe is truly appreciated. Thank you so very much. I'm hugging you now through the screen!!! :D