A.O. Original paintings range from $1,000 to $5,000. This investment is made easier by the following payment plans.  


3 Month Plan

Split your payments up into three payments for a lower initial cost. 


  • Painting Price: $1,800
    • Monthly Payments: $600

2 Month Plan

Split your payments up in two and receive your painting after your final submission.


  • Painting Price: $1,800
    • Monthly Payments: $900 

Credit/debit payments are accepted via Intuit Quickbook Invoices 

Shipping not included in final cost. 

Local collectors are able to pick up original paintings from my Belltown Art Studio. 

Visit the portfolio to see the available originals. If the word "SOLD" isn't behind the is available for purchase. 

Email me at to get price information and move forward with original purchase.