If I'm not making a mess in the studio, I'm doing it wrong!

"Break Free" 36"x26" Acrylic and spray paint on stretched canvas 

For the past few months, I have a seen a transition in my style of painting. Maybe, I felt like I had to prove myself to people. As, if I couldn't make pretty people with correct proportions and bone structure, I wasn't a "good" artist. My confidence as a creative is growing with every piece I create. The more I liberate myself in the process, the more I am spiritually and artistically liberated. 

Kendrick Lamar has always been a major inspiration for me. He is not afraid to take musical risks and say things that may ruffle some feathers. His new album "To Pimp A Butterfly" was beyond dope. The lyrical pictures that he paints inspires me to put them on canvas. After watching a couple of his interviews explaining more of the meanings behind the album, I appreciated his hip hop poetry even more. 

Kendrick Lamar sits down with Rob Markman for an intimate interview where they discuss songs from the new album.

I think this painting displays the exploitation of any beautiful or creative being. This woman is caged and distorted, but her radiance still shines through. I had no idea or plan when I entered the studio to paint; this image just came through after days of working and listening to K-Dot. As I look back and reflect on it, I know it was a personal cage I was putting  myself in related to my creative style. I want to exhibit the beauty of a person without making them beautiful; I want to paint a cityscape without painting buildings; I want to create energy without painting vibration lines. 

An artist can be easily exploited, just like anyone, if they don't take note. After much praise painting pretty faces, I began to paint more of them. Was it because people liked seeing these images or I enjoyed painting them? A little bit of both. I do enjoy representing woman's beauty on canvas, but abstract paintings seem like a better representation of my internal self. It's a self portrait without the portrait. I want my art to represent me and not only what people like. So I thought to myself: "That's nice you can paint pretty, but what can you make them feel. 

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